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Our Design Process

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Our Landscape Design Process

Our process starts with you, the people, pets and places you love and the space you dream about creating.When we look at a space for the first time we want to be looking at it through the same lens as you, and so we want to hear about your world as it is now before we talk about how a new space can change it.

What does a day in your life look like and how does your garden influence it? How do you spend your time now and what does a good day look like?

Then we talk about the space. What is it, what could it be? We want to hear your ideas, but we don’t intend to be just a passenger on this journey…we plan to drive. You can expect us to push the limits of design, challenge your thinking and collaborate with you to create a space that has a positive impact on all the people in it.

We find new dimensions. This is the fundamental difference between Embrace Landscapes and the rest. We think beyond two dimensions to create spaces that can transform. We leverage technology and automation to physically change spaces.

We author. We don’t start designing with the end in mind, instead we ideate, exploring a spaces potential states and designing focal points that can tie the landscape together, finding places in spaces that may otherwise be underutilised and ultimately creating landscapes that are generative and programmed to cue moods and experiences.

You steward. We will have tried to instil your personal narrative in the designs we present to you and we will discuss opportunities to improve the design. This can be an anxiety provoking process and, while we will be there to address your concerns and make modifications as you require, we will nudge you and we expect you to nudge us back.

We collaborate. Once we have agreed on a design we collaborate with the best landscape construction firms in the industry to bring the design to life. We work with the landscapers to ensure that the plans are interpreted correctly, that the details are delivered and that we leave you with a space that draws you in and inspires you.