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Landscape Design Trends

Landscape Design 2018

The best landscape design trends

With urban density constantly increasing and outdoor space often limited, homeowners are having to be more innovative if they want an outdoor space that will add value to both their home and, perhaps more importantly, their lifestyle. 

We have been tracking a few of these landscape design features and are going to call out some of our favourites. We think these will continue to trend over the next few years so now is the time to think about integrating them into your designs.

These landscaping design features focus on two goals. Firstly, how do you get the most out of small backyards and courtyards, and secondly, how do you draw people into the space.

Vertical gardens

You do not need to compromise on having a garden due to limited space anymore!

Vertical gardens not only look beautiful but also generate a wonderful positive vibe and a courtyard dotted with green walls can really create a sense of being embraced by nature. 

The key is to build the green walls into your overall landscape design and not to overdo it. You want to enhance a space by bringing plants into it, not create a jungle! Having said that, small green wall installations tend not to have the same impact as a mass installation, but if you are going to go big consider engaging a landscape designer to ensure the landscape still feels balanced.

Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor kitchens are becoming so popular as people look to spend more time in the outdoors. The humble BBQ is giving away to luxury built-in outdoor kitchens that have multiple cooking options and integrated sink and refrigeration. For details on designing a great outdoor kitchen click here to read our blog specifically on outdoor kitchens.

Fire pits

To maximise the value of a garden makeover you must ensure you get use from your backyard the whole year round. In the colder months, it can be hard to find a good reason to venture outdoors, but a fire pit provides the perfect excuse.

Outdoor art

Art has adorned the walls of beautiful homes for centuries, but only recently has art started to make an appearance in the backyards and courtyard of residential gardens. The impact of an outdoor art piece can be massive, so it’s important to choose carefully. Its great to have a feature piece, but make sure it connects to the other elements in your garden.Enter your text here…

Built-in seating

Gardens with built-in seating get used far more than gardens that don’t. Pulling out a deck chair is a barrier that some of us just can’t get past and so having built-in seating ready to go actually draws people into a space much more.

Water Features

​Bringing water into your garden design can allow you to create subtle sounds that set the tone for the space. It also provides a great opportunity to bring wildlife into your yard, be they koi you add into your water feature or the frogs and birds that a water feature will attract.

Statement Pots

In small gardens, it’s not always possible to allocate floor space to a garden bed, but that doesn’t mean you can’t grow anything. Growing in pots is a great option for small spaces and some pots can act a statement pieces themselves, bringing colour and creating a focal point in your yard.

Garden Work Spaces

Working from home is becoming more common, but not everyone has a home office they can use as an effective work space. Increasingly, people are starting to look to their outdoor space as a place from which to work. It takes some initial planning to ensure you have the power and connectivity required, but your yard can be a great office! Click here to learn more about working from your garden.

Meditation platforms

Many executives and stay at home parents alike are turning to the power of meditation to bring balance and perspective into their life, and increasingly they are looking to their garden to provide a space is to relax and unwind. Creating a garden nook with a meditation platform is one way to entice you into the garden to relax and reflect.

Transformable spaces

Can a single outdoor space be both a peaceful retreat and a buzzing entertainment area? If it’s designed as a transformable space from the beginning the answer is definitely yes. We are seeing some great innovations in design and the application of technology to create outdoor landscapes that can physically transform. 

Urbanisation is putting a squeeze on outdoor spaces as backyard gardens become smaller and smaller. With a small yard, it can be difficult to get everything you want out of it. This has led to many people creating transformable spaces. The idea is to use automation to physically change a space between distinctive themes. So an entertainment space may transform into a meditation space with the push of a button!

Movable decking is a great example. When built well these structures look incredible solid and permanent, but they are actually built on heavy duty rollers that allow the deck to be slid back to reveal a different space such as a spa, pool, bbq area or fire pit! 

Getting the detail right is really important but if done correctly it allows for possibilities like a zen garden with a meditation deck to be transformed into an entertaining area with a spa, a BBQ area to be transformed into a kids sandpit, or even a lawn to be transformed into an outdoor theatre. 

When designed and constructed correctly it can make a space feel much bigger, but it’s important to get the details right. Here are some great examples of landscape designs we love that have transformation built in.

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