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What is involved in an onsite consultation?

For an onsite consultation, we will come to you, discuss your goals for the new design and analyse the site. It’s a chance for us to share some initial design ideas and for you to get a sense of how we work so you can decide if we would be a good fit for your project. We will answer any questions you have, but we will have a bunch of questions for you also and when we leave we will have all the measurements to provide a fee proposal should you choose to have concept drawing done.

What is a design brief?

A design brief is a document created to help the designer keep in mind the challengers of the site while also remaining focused on the goals the new design needs to deliver on.It describes the current problem, outlines the site constraints, the budget constraints and the time constraints. It also lists the goals of the project, outlines what the client wants to accomplish and provides a high level analysis of possible solutions and associated risks.It will conclude with a set of recommended next steps

What are concept plans?

Concept plans are drawings that visually describe the elements of the new design. It visually represents the layout of key elements, demonstrates how these elements relate to each other and allows for the client to get comfortable with the future space we can create.The concept plans are yours to keep.

How are the concept plans different to the construction drawings?

The concept plans are for understanding the design layouts, but they lack the detail required to guide a builder through the pricing and construction process. The construction drawings detail exact measurements, materials to be used and other items that are important to ensure the builder knows what is required to do the job. These plans are provided to the builders to provide quotes for the construction phase and we can help you to select a builder for your project.

Can Embrace landscapes help to coordinate the construction?

Yes, we can manage the process of getting quotes and identifying which landscape construction firm if best suited to this project. We can also project manage the construction phase to ensure the builder delivers to spec. We charge 10% of the construction costs for this service.

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