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Designing an Outdoor Kitchen

Creating an outdoor kitchen can be really complicated as there are so many things to consider, but the most important thing is that the outdoor kitchen fits in with the broader landscape design. If you build a modern stainless steel kitchen in a federation garden it’s going to look very conflicted and out of place. […]

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Best Landscape Design Trends

The best 2019 landscape design trend​Transformable spacesCan a single outdoor space be both a peaceful retreat and a buzzing entertainment area? If it’s designed as a transformable space from the beginning the answer is definitely yes. We are seeing some great innovations in design and the application of technology to create outdoor landscapes that can […]

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Landscape Design Trends

The best landscape design trendsWith urban density constantly increasing and outdoor space often limited, homeowners are having to be more innovative if they want an outdoor space that will add value to both their home and, perhaps more importantly, their lifestyle. We have been tracking a few of these landscape design features and are going to […]

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