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Best Landscape Design Trends

Best Landscape Design Trend

The best 2019 landscape design trend

Transformable spaces

Can a single outdoor space be both a peaceful retreat and a buzzing entertainment area? If it’s designed as a transformable space from the beginning the answer is definitely yes. We are seeing some great innovations in design and the application of technology to create outdoor landscapes that can physically transform. 

Movable decking is a great example. When built well these structures look incredible solid and permanent, but they are actually built on heavy duty rollers that allow the deck to be slid back to reveal a different space such as a spa, pool, bbq area or fire pit! 

Getting the detail right is really important but if done correctly it allows for possibilities like a zen garden with a meditation deck to be transformed into an entertaining area with a spa, a BBQ area to be transformed into a kids sandpit, or even a lawn to be transformed into an outdoor theatre. 

When designed and constructed correctly it can make a space feel much bigger, but it’s important to get the details right. Here are some great examples of landscape designs we love that have transformation built in.